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August 16, 2017


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Sorry, but on this day this story is meaningless. We have a much bigger problem living at 1600 Pennsylvania and that problem needs to go away...NOW!!!

Somehow, I think that even 40 years ago Elvis Presley would have been totally pissed at the racist who is the POTUS. Elvis worked in a business that was a leader in civil and equal rights. He'd never have stood for this clown in the White House.

And, lance, shut the fuck up.

Lance, you are the living sphincter of the ignorant asshole occupying 1600 PA Ave. its time for you to pull out the sheets and hood and join your POS brethren who have been waiting for a messiah to approve of their Bullshit. Nazis? White Supremacist militia? Altright movement? Ignorant white trash. Tiki Torches? Lance bow out once and for all you are almost too scurrilous for any kind of ridicule, you racist pig.

Joel's Trump Derangement Syndrome is in full flare up today !!!


I knew you couldn't keep quiet lance, that's the way it is with you white supremacist types. You have no self-control. You just open your mouths and the vomit spews out.

Your messiah has reached a new historical low in the polls, not that you cretins will ever understand what that means.You'll just scream "FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS!" and ignore the truth which is that two-thirds of Americans despise you.

lance's favorite website...

Urban Slob and his buddy Joel are prime examples of how the libtards operate.... Two sad and pathetic lonely individuals they are....

Hey lance, what are you racist supremacists going to do now that your boy bannon has been fired? Are you going to go with the so-called president or the leader of the alt-right?

one thing we can always count on Lance, is that you use the same tired old euphemisms over and over again, libtards, trump derangement syndrome. over and over again. I had a parakeet who had a better vocabulary than you, and for the size of his brain had a broader conception of the world than you, you bigoted trumprick.

Urban Slob and his incessant name calling and labeling anyone and everyone who does not follow into lockstep with his thought process... Libtard 101 at its best!!! LOL!!!!

Jill, Bannon will be much more effective for the Trump Presidency on the outside. As he destroys the lying libtard mainsleaze media that you worship....

lance calling someone out for name calling. Now there's a laugh. lance you're a trolling puke, live with it.

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