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September 12, 2017


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Don't remind me. I used to go up to the corner and get in line at 8:00 am. That'd get me around fifth or sixth in line for when the station started selling gasoline at 10. I'd buy my ten bucks worth -- which was around seven gallons -- and drive home.

I'd do this every day to make sure my car and my wife's had sufficient gas in the tank. We, fortunately, had license plates with opposing odd/even numbers and since I worked nights, I got the duty. A total pain in the posterior.

Amen Joel.....I can remember getting in line early too, hoping that the attendant didn`t put the sign "last car for gas" on the one ahead of me. Had a red `66 VW.

Remember these days well and would like to forget them. You were smart to make friends with a station owner early on. Back then stations were owned by independents. If you had a friend in the gas business and gave them some repair work, you got gasoline fill ups.

Adjusting for inflation, gas is a little cheaper today than it was post-embargo. 55 cents in 1973 is equal to $3.03 today. The price of gas in Portland is about $2.60 which would have been 46 cents back then.

The difference today is you can always get gas, you just pay dearly for it. Back then you ran out and were stuck.

Cool pic! I lived up the street from there back then. That was Lake Grove (now Lake O) and we used to shop at that Albertsons.

most people here have no idea!

and 40 years later??????? what have we learned????? not even one new refinery in those same 40 years! sad! but Obama says................

john, now you are being an idiot. Really? You're going to blame obama. You did know that obama wasn't president for all of the last40 years. But, like your hang up on there being no baseball in Portland, you're hung up on obama. So much so that you let him live rent free in your head and love to blame him for everything. Maybe you should blame obama for there being no baseball in Portland.

By the way john, although no new oil refineries have been built in the US since the mid-70s, capacity at many of the refineries has been markedly increased. In fact, many of these capacity increases have more than doubled the size of refineries. Really, john, it's time you stopped believing the lies told by dumb donnie.

The worst part was there wasn't even a shortage of gas,,,,only a shortage of Lawmakers with guts,,,

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