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September 21, 2017


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Grassley and his ilk are as worthless as used prophylactics, that includes you and your hero, lance'

this is still part of their mission to continually try and stick it to our last President, but not only that, they are acting out a secret desire to stick it to the American Electorate that put him in office.

Can anyone who once was a teenager hear their Mom saying, "If all your friends jumped off a cliff would you too?"

so instead you would have him go against what he campaigned on and his electors voted him to do? lol!

The major problem is that trumpcare fixes none of the problems of obamacare, it just replaces them with new ones. If you're so all-fired certain that obamacare will fall under its own weight, then let it do that and you'll have achieved your goal.

Otherwise, fix it or STFU.

I haven't seen the liberals this upset since Lincoln freed the slaves.... Get over it cupcakes.

Gee whiz, didn't realize this blog was part of the Portland Progressive movement. Remember: if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all. At least the good Senator is being honest.

Wolfgang. It's apparent you have not read what the health care bill offers. It would be carnage in this country.

Thank you Doctor

A clueless doctor.....

lance, if you had any smarts you'd know that for every obamacare problem it eliminates, trumpcare creates two new ones. But, then I said it right at the start, "If you had any smarts....."

lance, take some night classes you insignificant Trumpturd.

Love the brainless comments by lance, the resident imbecile. S for the 'senator', to quote that great intellectual, Bugs Bunny, "what a maroon!"

Look at all the vitriol from the tolerant and progressive left.... As they continue to show their true hateful colors to anyone who does not fall into lockstep with them....

lance, you're pathetic. Our animosity toward you're pointless diatribes has nothing to do with your politics. It has everything to do with the stupid way you and dumb donnie put them.

Here's an idea for you. Like my old friend Bob McAnulty often told idiots like you, "Go take the gas pipe."

Hey Joel, I like this blog with all of the local history. But you are a douche nozzle with all of your worthless comments. How about you go screw yourself.

OK, I am tired of the contentious and odious atmosphere of the comments evolving on Stumps blog, and i must own up to having contributed to that from time to time. so, because i have a love of History, and i commend Stumper for his efforts in providing thought provoking trivia and historical events, i will try and maintain a respectful tone when i comment, and contribute whenever it is apropos. These are fearful and worrisome times. hopefully we can agree to pull it together.

Gee eddie, I've been around for a good many years. Never heard of you. I'm guessing what you truly can't stand is having someone tell the truth about your hero dumb donnie. Your comment has that stupid ring to it.

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