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October 28, 2017


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The last of all those many continued pages, "Major Exceptions: Anyone not named Trump and related to me." Melania ought to be ashamed that she is conspiring with the orange buffoon to ruin America.

MAGA = Morons Are Governing America

Go to needtoimpeach.com and sign the petition now.

I find it funny that libtards like joel are still pissing and moaning over President Trump considering that the Country is in a much better economic position these days and it will only get better once the tax cuts happen!!! Do "feelings" pay the bills libtards????

good luck with that joel!!! lol! if Obama never got impeached after all the things he did? trump will sail through both terms!

Joel, think i love you.. big hugs.. you keep me aware, and chuckling. Another way to spell dump fan? Moron.

lance, you are the most delusional idiot I have ever encountered...and there are many of your type online. You are known as the gullible deplorables. It's funny how none of you have any compunction about showing how dumb you are.

And john, how about you name some of the things that Obama did that made him impeachable.

For those of you who are intelligent, be sure to go to needtoimpeach.com and sign the petition. In just over a week, the petition to the Congress to impeach the dotard has reached almost 1,000,000 electronic signatures.

Politics makes for lousy bedmates... john and lance. Only a truly desperate repuklicant uses 'libtard' as a term, poorly attempted insult...even a rock is better than rePUKlicants... joel, im signing!!

Fun to read responses from welfare receivers like Joel and Jann.

Sure thing eddie. How long have you been stupid?

Did you vote for Trump? Then it has been a year?

Did you support Trump through his campaign? Then it has been two-and-a-half years.

Did you actually think Dumb Donnie should have run in 2012? Then it has been five years...maybe even longer.

Oh, and by the way, people who get welfare are recipients not receivers, but then that's probably too big a word for you.

At least a loser welfare sucker like you Joel is able to admit that you are a "recipient"..... Bravo sir bravo....

jann, only lance or ed harley or what ever he calls himself daily uses the term libtards. John is a follower, but is a much kinder useful idiot. pay no mind.

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