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October 29, 2017


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I guess that you were too focused on posting anti-trump propaganda to remember the October crash in 1987.....

The October "crash" in 1987 paled in comparison to the crash of 1929. In essence, the October 1987 "crash" was a correction. The market tends to do that when its been rising too much. Your hero Dumb Donnie -- if he can hang on long enough, and that isn't a given -- will experience a similar "crash."

todays dow jones close near yet another record high meaning 11 months of new highs since president trump was elected! can we expect a dow jones of 30,000 by the end of trumps second term?

Poor guy, that first step didnt get him, that sudden stop at bottom is a killer... sorry, not trying to be rude..i know many did this, or similar, to the losses. My dad was 8 1/2 then, momjust over 2.

jann j, it seemed like it was going well for him, as people heard him say so far so good on the way down!

Right john, and how many new highs were recorded when the president you love to hate -- Obama -- was in office?

Rather than 11 months of new highs, what you mean is more than eight years of new highs. Or, are you that slow?

Poor guy was a slow witted GOP'r who should have known better.

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