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October 15, 2017


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burgerville is just a local version of mcdonalds or burger king! have not gone there for years! too many other great non fast food spots for good burgers around!

Gerry Frank is right on target... Burgerville is so over priced it has become a joke. Ordering a cheeseburger that is smaller and lower quality of McDonalds, soggy small fry and a soft drink will set you back nearly 8 bucks at Burgerville... The execs at Holland are continuing to bank on how stupid the people of Portland are with their "local sustainability organic" bullshit... Once In-N-Out arrives in Portland, BV will be memory...

Can anyone tell me where Frank`s column is featured? Thanks

I agree with you Dave. I really like Burgerville. The restaurants are very consistent in their food, really good.

Mr. Stump. . .with all respect, I've got to side with Gerry on this one. Many of us grew up on Burgerville and their food, but this is not the same anymore. We live in the 'couve, moved back from California twenty and haven't been to a B'ville for over five years.
It is not the same anymore, they have hired senior management from outside and they are trying to be to 'PC' and be fast-quality casual and farm to table quality. Started changing about five years ago.

If you have lived in California, Nevada or Arizona you would love In-in-out. They are the best! You will see when they get into the PDX area.
Mr. Duck

I haven't had contact with, nor heard much about, Gerry Frank for many years. I met him when I was a senior at North Salem High School. My first summer out of high school, I worked for Levis in San Jose, CA. I filled an order for Meier and Franks and slipped a note inside a HUGE box of Levis, saying, "Hi" to Gerry. He wrote back! I was suddenly a hero at Levis for having known him!! When I returned to Salem and took a job with KBZY Radio, it was Gerry Frank who called me and asked if I'd like to do an interview with then Miss America, Mary Anne Mobely. Naturally, my answer was, "Yes", and I was given my first "celebrity" interview. In High School, I was Jerry Lambert...at KBZY, I was "Jim Hunter". Returning from time to time to Salem to visit family,I had morphed into Roger W. Morgan. I saw Gerry Frank occasionally and he never failed to recognize and acknowledge me. I don't know much about Burgerville and I like In N Out Burgers from my years in California. None of that is important and doesn't change my impression of Gerry Frank. He treated me awfully well and I've never forgotten. I'm not sure what his beef is with Burgerville but it really doesn't matter to me. ..and if he ever decides to help fund a radio station, I'll gladly accept him as a partner. Aside from having a little less hair, he looks pretty much like the same guy I remember...a friend. (Roger W. Morgan)

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For a quick lunch I think Burgerville is very good. They use high quality ingriedients that costs us more and that's fine with me. Staff is friendly always and food arrives hot. Love their Walla Walla's too.

Lee: Gerry Frank's column appears in the Sunday A&E section of Oregonian. I think the items are also in his latest book that is probably still available at Macys (if they are still open) or maybe on Amazon. Also agree with other poster that he is truly a nice and friendly person.
Old Duck

My only knowledge of Frank was in his role as the gatekeeper to Sen. Mark Hatfield. When you'd call Hatfield's office for an interview you were always shunted to Frank who'd act as if he were doing you a favor to actually let you talk to Hatfield.

For comparison, if you called Sen. Packwood's office for an interview, you'd be put right through to the senator (if he was in the office) and he always seemed happy to talk with you. If Packwood wasn't in the office when you called, you could always count on a timely callback.

Big difference.

As for Burgerville, I haven't eaten there in years, but when I did it was always far superior to the other fast food/junk food establishments. The quality of the food was so much better and they actually went to the trouble to be responsive to special orders.

I have always loved Burgerville, but I have seen some drop off in quality. Fries are often undercooked and not hot. The bun for the burger can be dry. I have emailed them about it but never heard back?

In N OUT b URGE r on every yayhoos pickup in LaLa Land

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