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November 20, 2017


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Thanks for keeping it going, love to see your posts/pics!

Thank YOU, Dave, for being a keeper of the flame for all us hometown kids, and those "new" Oregonians. Seeing a new email from STUMPTOWN always lifts my spirits.

Thank you Dave. You provide a great service and forum here, and you have the patience of a Saint what with all the outrageous posts from some of the regulars!

Thank YOU for all your hard work Dave. I was thrilled to find your blog years back ans look forward to every entry. You provide us all with such amazing photos and stories to go along with them. Please note your hobby has brought great pleasure to me as well as my 87 year old father when I show him your posts. He grew up in Portland. He hung around the old pool halls in the 40's, worked for Henry Theiles and The Cnlis, Henry Fords among others.

Hi, Dave. I really enjoy seeing your blog when I get on line each morning. Born and raised in Portland (Multnomah - Wilson Class of '65 and a KISN listener!) and living in Brisbane, Australia, it helps me keep in touch with 'home'!

Glad you are refusing ads . . .

Kind regards,


Thanks Dave, Keep up the good work and you will be at 16,000,000 before you know it.

Best Regards

John Whitehead

I look forward to each publication having had several joints you have referred to. Kenny's Bunny Club on 11th and Jeff, Dunkins on 11th and Wash and others. Johnny Boston, Al Winters & Joe Schnitzer were among my "interesting" friends over the years. Thanks so much for the service you provide.
Moze Meeker

yes, thanks dave for all you do! and I agree with carrie you have a very patient mind!

Too bad you have allowed it to become political....

Two clowns who have taken every opportunity to sing the praises of the dotard bemoaning political speech on this site. Don't look too closely guys, but eight million page views says the politics aren't hurting anything.

So glad you did, Dave, I am a serious local history nut. And I LOVE this column!!!!!

Thank you Dave. I appreciate your passion for this blog and all the wonderful tidbits you spotlight. Here's to many more years!

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