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November 24, 2017


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I wonder how many posters here ever saw this back in the day! im guessing not very many! I saw it! many years!

I remember when it was at the Cedar Hills Shopping Center!!

john, I'm guessing that many posters here saw the Carol Tree back in the day. What is this strange need you have to believe that you alone have these memories? First, it was Jackie Kennedy Onassis and now the KISN Carol Tree.

Read the posts here with a little understanding. I think you'll learn that many posters have memories that go beyond yours.

ok joel please forgive me! and I mean it lol! as I suspected many posters here such as you and lance are many many years younger than I am, see, you really don't know much about me but because of a few things I post you feel it necessary to constantly put me down and attack me, though I have done that to you! that's what I meant when I wondered how many might remember some of the things that I remember! it seems I may have a new years resolution to make coming up soon.

john, not that I have any great desire to get into a pissing match with you over our respective ages, I do believe I have two or three years on you. There are also several regulars here that I think are older than me.

There's also the fact that regardless of age, some people are still punks and I think you know who I mean.

ok joel I imagine there are a few here who are older than both of us! the difference is I would love to meet them and even you as long as I had police protection!

Joel and John.......Beer?

yeah joel but we wont mention his name! lol! and thanks for a somewhat civil post this time! hope you had a nice thanksgiving!

urbangent..... is that an invite? #iaccept

so where? when what are the weapons of choice? bodyguards?

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