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November 30, 2017


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Strongly suggest watching the current season of American Horror Story to bring the color to this post.

So true... a fine President to the inmates screwing the asylum... wonder if any escaped Eastern State, Waverly Hills, or even Oregon State in Salem...

what is American horror story?

Too bad this site has gone political... But Lil' Stumpy isn't man enough to admit it..

Mr Stumpie can do whatever he wants, it's Mr Stumpies blog. I can put photos of rodents making love if I wish. You don't like it, don't visit. I could give a Rodents ass either way. Theres 7,999,000 happy clients.

Hey, lance. Why'd you give up using that ed hurley name? Was it because you got caught, you piece of trash.

You're really going to criticize Dave for allowing political speech on HIS website? Even when you have spoken so glowingly of that pig Demented Donnie so often. Typical Trumpturd hypocrite.

hey urben gent I would gladly meet you for a beer! you don't seem to be off the hook like lance on one side and joel on the other side! lol hey joel we had your Obama for 8 years! not the shoes on the other foot sir!

No problem john, I don't imbibe.

And if you recall, which is probably saying a lot for a lover of the Demented Dotard, I was no fan of Obozo either. There hasn't been a great president since Reagan. GHW Bush was okay and Slick Willie was a good executive but a lousy person.

Since Clinton the presidents have only become worse over time, each making his predecessor look better. GW Bush sucked, Obozo was lousy and The Dotard is by far the worst president in history. 11 months and he has accomplished nothing --ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA.

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