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November 27, 2017


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I was there too. My ears rang for the next three days.

Ha... I have you all beat!
I was @ Woodstock in 69', I came home on 30 day Convalescent leave after getting hit in Vietnam (I had to wear an eye patch). I rode my 305 Honda from R.I. and blew the engine on I-90, just into NY state. I pushed it into the woods and hitched the rest of the way (Picked up in a VW Bus & had some good Old Homemade "Pot" Brownies :-). Anyway, after Jimi performed I headed for the Toilets & that's when someone yelled "Hey Airborne!" I looked up at the stage and Jimi was standing there with his finger pointed to his 82nd airborne patch (I was wearing my 101st jacket patch). He asked me to come bullshit with the guys and I told him I'd be right back (After pissing-out some "Cheapo" wine). Long story short, I smoked a "Diabolical" joint with him and the guys & told him about myself and that's when he mentioned he was with the 82nd in 1962 (I think)... Stationed in Germany. He told me that he would be in N.Y. next summer and gave me a phone # to call him & leave a message... Stupid me, I sold that piece of paper to a guy about 20 years later for $100!

PS: I also saw Joplin with a bottle in her hand, standing 20 ft. away with 4 or 5 guys. I never saw Jimi again, I went back to Nam' and served another tour, by then he (& Joplin) had Od'd.

Al, you have a really cool memory there, glad its shared. Woulde loved to have seen Jimi in action, Janis, ...

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