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November 16, 2017


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And the gloves the Missus was wearing cost $635. There's no accounting for such stupidity or such panache.

I second that. Really miss his commentary.

Thanks to President Trump and his Cabinet my 401k is heading up like a rocket!!!

BS lance, your 401K was going up long before Dumb Donnie became the so-called POTUS. At least it would have been going up if you had a 401K. We all know that the only retirement plan you have is called welfare.

ummmm, joel who are you talking to? lance has not posted here?

ok, so the stock market has gone up about 6000 up since president trump was elected just one short year ago! with that being said when Obama took office it was about 8,800 and when he left office it was just under 18,000 you it went up almost 10,000 in 8 years! so if things keep on this way the dow should be around 40,000 after president trumps second term!

john, you may not have the smarts see it, but ed harley is quite clearly the jerkoff we've come to know as lance.

And, by the by, The market has been up for way too long and Trump is doing things that historically have resulted in market declines. Plus, Dumb Donnie will never make it to 2020, have you checked the RCP polling average this morning where he's just a hair below his all-time disapproval rate.

Feel free, if you must, to criticize the polls. But do note, that all of them -- including the A-RWNJ Rasmussen Reports -- show that Trump is failing.

wow joel, paranoid much? lance is everywhere! lol! how could he post under another name? mr. stump? is that even possible? as for president trump, he will beat the polls again! just like he did in 2016.

john, on the posting form, go to where e it asks for your name and put in another name and see if it posts. In this case, it is crystal clear that lance has changed his posting name. If you're going to try to masquerade as someone else, it would be a good idea to change the style of your writing.

You just keep on thinking that Dumb Donnie is going to win a second term. You'll be whining your ass off come January of 2019 when the idiot is impeached and convicted.

joel, im sorry you believe the fake news/polls you should have learned that they were wrong before the election and dead wrong again! I look forward to you and the rest of the snowflakes whining for the next 7 years! after all who could beat him in 2020? hillary? lol! creepy joe biden? lol! bernie? lol! oprah???? you have nobody!

ok joel, I never paid much attention when I post, it knows my name, please tell me why lance or anyone would want to post here under a different name? I don't understand?

Seek professional help Joel... Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is in hyperdrive. LOL!!!

Joel, it's quite a task reasoning with an adult who has the mentality of a 12-year-old but thanks for the effort.

Fine john, don't believe the polls. They only very accurately predicted Hillary's popular vote win last November. I'll be laughing my fanny off in November 2020 when Don the Con is handed his butt with the lowest vote ever for an incumbent president. That is if Deplorable Donnie even makes it to the next election. I'm guessing he won't.

Why would lance change his name? That's really quite obvious. Like you, he has been completely discredited on this site. You? You need to stick to whining about the Beavers being gone for ten years and never coming back.

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