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November 10, 2017


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Memory fades through the years, I don't remember the Chevron station, but in July of 1952 Meier and Frank installed dozens of TV's all around the lower parking area under cover. my buddy's Mom worked for M & F and we would pile into his Dads Hudson who drove us downtown to pick her up when she got off work. they installed the TV's under cover so people could watch the 1952 Conventions and experience this newfangled invention. my friend and I spent the rest of the summer playing "Convention" in our back yards instead of cowboys and indians!

I'm sure that Murphy and Finigans reaped the benefits of their generosity, but my folks bought our first TV from Smiths. Mom went to work for M&F later in the 50's for .75/hour in Foundations, (thats Girdles and Corsets, John) She loved her job.

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