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November 07, 2017


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I met Johnny Rivers at the Oklahoma state fair in 1966.
I was in the Army and stationed at Fort Sill at the time,
Me and a buddy got a weekend pass so we drove up to Oklahoma City and checked into the local Ramada Inn. We discovered the fair was going on so we drove over to it thinking to meet some girls. We were standing by a little make shift stage when this guy started to play the guitar and sing.We assumed it was just a local guy as we never herd of him.People wandered past and mostly girls so we stayed.Pretty soon This guy singing took a brake, steped down off the stage and we started talking with him. He told us about a party going on and later we met their and had a great time.It wasn't until I got home to Portland Oregon that I herd he had released an album or record. I listened to it often then and still have his albums today.

One of music's most underrated performers...

Johnny Rivers' music sounded good then. Sounds great now!

Long Live Johnny Rivers !

Happy Birthday man!

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