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December 06, 2017


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My dad was a bellhop there in the early 40`s. By the time I was born, he had moved on.
Had pictures of Bob Hope and other stars when celebrities would come through selling War Bonds. Bellhops loved them because they were big tippers.

My dad got transferred to Portland in late 1950, his company booked him to stay at Multnomah Hotel until the family could relocate. A few months later we got here--one Saturday afternoon my dad walked me over to the corner of the large lobby and asked me to press on the edge of the rug, I did and a door opened--it was the main gentleman's bar.
I guess the OLCC in those days controlled liquor by the drink--the patron had a bottle with their name on it and the bar sold the set-up. Very Interesting and the rules changed shortly after that to open (but heavily controlled) bars.

Yep, massive changes in the OLCC regs in the early 50s. We used to go into my grandfather's saloon as young kids. We couldn't understand why we were suddenly no longer allowed when the rules changed.

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