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December 09, 2017


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Such inspiring words for future youth to live by from our illustrative commander-in-chief. Just pray (or hope if you prefer) we still have a functioning country left in three years.

I'm just wondering, El Stumpo...Did he use her for a cigar holder IN THE WHITE HOUSE like Clinton, a "rapist president" we all remember?...

Such pride we have in this so-called president.

Newlywed pregnant bride at home and he's out trying to copulate with other -- also married --women. And, if they won't go along with his nefarious plans he'll just grab them by the crotch.

But, don't believe any of the dozen-plus women who say he forced himself on them. He says he didn't do any of it and that's the new measure of guilt. You know, Ted Bundy didn't kill any of those women either.

Whatta guy.

But, but, but...Bill Clinton.

pat davison......that dog doesn't hunt. and what the f**k is this el stumpo shit. show a modicum of respect for the host or STFU. typical trumprix bullshit.

Oh, and Pat, just whom did Clinton rape? Trump we know has been accused of three rapes, including his first ex-wife and a 13-year old sex slave.

And now he's saying Alabama should send Roy Moore to the US Senate. And he wants us to believe that he's a good person who believes in the US Constitution and quality government.

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