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January 13, 2018


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Every one of them (except I know nothing of Oliver) is gone.

And that phone number. It's been 45 years since I worked at KLIQ, but I still remember that number. I probably recited it 10,000 times. I don't remember my last phone number, but the Two Way Radio talk number I remember well.

"There's a line open for your call right now. Two Way Radio, KLIQ, 2-3-4-7-3-4-3. That's 2-3-4-7-3-4-3 for the Talk of the Town."

This was the line-up when KLIQ-FM signed on in December of '67. It had changed significantly by May of 1968 when they hired me.

The station played paid religious programs from 6:00 to 10:15 am, then Baker from 10:15 to Noon. Noon to 2 pm was Mark Lee (Journal music writer Martin Clark, but the Journal wouldn't allow him to use his real name, probably because he made Mussolini look moderate). 2 pm to 3 pm was a different host each day, Hoyt Hotel owner Harvey Dick on Mondays, 3 to 6 pm was a professor from the defunct Cascade College, Mark Sweeny. Del Leeson did 6 to 8:30 pm. 8:30 to 9:30 was the absolute worst network call-in show ever called "Nightline. 9;30 to Midnight was Pete Wheeler (also not his real name, but I don't remember the actual name). And then from Midnight to 6 am was Mike Turner, who ran his own board, took calls and did the news.

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