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January 31, 2018


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keep Portland weird!!! oops TOO LATE!

Keep voting the liberals into office and watch what once was a vibrant downtown Portland complete its transformation into a big toilet full of vagrants and tent living scumbags.....

As much as it disgusts you Freaky40, no one of your alt-right ilk will be elected in Portland anytime soon. For now, the people of Portland seem to be content with things as they are. Occasionally, someone from your extreme end of the political spectrum comes along and runs and gets their fanny whipped. Feel free to run if you want.

You say the people are "content with things as they are?" You mean like having to pick their way around drugged bodies, tents, garbage, and fecal matter? You have GOT to be kidding!! What kind of people of ANY political persuasion would be content with that?

Good one Eric!

Erik, the Democrat registration of the City of Portland is something like 70 percent. Further, sidewalk camping doesn't ever seem to be a major issue in city politics. Who was the last successful politician you heard make the homeless problem (And here I'm talking about sidewalk camping, nasty panhandlers, etc.) a campaign issue?

Is the food that bad?

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