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January 20, 2018


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Except there aren't just two parties, although Republicans are pretending that they are one party. This is clearly demonstrated by the Republicans inability to get anything done in Congress.

In reality, the GOP is now two parties, the real Republicans, and the Trumplestikskin loons. Someday soon, probably following the massive GOP losses in November, the real Republicans and the Trumplestilskins will separate.

At that point, the more moderate Republicans will have to attempt to attract from the growing middle ground and the loonies will have a minority party of old white guys that will lose large portions of its membership to the graveyard every day.

mr.stump pay attention, it was not the republicans that shut this country down! and never will be! think about that!

John: If you pay attention to what is going on, you would have seen the great leader tell lawmakers in the White House on camera to bring him DACA and he would sign it and move on to the other issues. It was a mind blowing gesture and I couldn't believe it, I actually rewound the clip to see if what I saw & heard was accurate. He of course lied like he has done over 1,600 times since a year ago today. His one year anniversary of nothing but chaos and conflict.

well how can you say he lied? congress never sent him the bill???? congress is the problem, especially the rinos! and of course he would sign it!

John....have to go with Stumpy on this one. Care to come back and explain how the D`s are to blame? My 2 cents is that the R`s control Congress and it`s up to them to present a bill that can pass. I`ll await. Thanks in advance.

Here's a cogent quote about responsibility for the government shutdown:

"[P]roblems start from the top and they have to get solved from the top and the president’s the leader. And he’s got to get everybody in a room and he’s got to lead. In a hundred years from now when they talk about the government shutdown, they’re going to be talking about the president of the United States, who the president was at that time.

“They’re not going to be talking about who was the head of the House, the head the Senate, who’s running things in Washington,”

Oh, by the way, the person who spoke those words was one Donald J. Trump in 2013 on the occasion of the shutdown of the US government. So, there you have it in Trump's own words. It's the president who's responsible.

Sorry john, but I know you believe everything that comes out of the liar-in-chief's mouth.

Hey John, you are full of sh*t as usual. I can always count on you to pipe up on behalf of your fellow deplorables who helped this dumbass prick occupy the Whitehouse.

lee, the bill should have passed, but not one dem voted for it! they insist on providing for their illegals, which means more votes for them! and if we rid our selves of the rinos, more bills would pass!

Actually john, you're proving again that you haven't a clue. In fact, three Democrats voted for this piecer of a bill and four Republicans voted against it. That's why the bill ended up with a 50-49 vote.

It also shows how clueless Trump is.The dotard Tweeted that McConnell should move to enact the "nuclear option." Oops, not enough votes to even pass this lame ass legislation with the "nuclear option." What a pinhead we have as a POTUS.

Urban"Gent" is a spot on representation of the "tolerant and progressive" crowd with his comments.

F40 fan, Thank you

Sh*t4brains & clueless John, I can't believe you actually told the Stumpman to pay attention and proceed to show your miserable lack of knowledge about politics, defending this Penis with ears, a mouth, and no brains occupying 1600 Pa Av. Go back to doing the only thing you do best: pissing, moaning & sobbing over the BEVOs demise.

UrbanJerk.... Do you know the difference between us Trump supporters and libturd Obama supporters like you? We Trumpster's sign the front of the check and you libturds sign the back of the check.......

this single post right here is why and how we elect congress after congress, and nothing gets done, because all they do is argue and call each other names! surely we are better than this????

Sure thing F40, that's why you loons bought into Dumb Donnie's lies that he was going to get you good jobs. You know, jobs where you collected a fat paycheck but had no work to do.

It was all you out of work clowns who supported Don the Con. You actually believed all of his bullshit about how he was going to pass laws that would mean jobs for you. Pathetic anuses.

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