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January 10, 2018


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I just missed being able to hear his broadcasts, its odd however that he died the same year we lost our Portland beavers to stupid boring soccer, I wonder if he knew that? no matter r.i.p mr.announcer! we wont forget you either!

I remember listening to Bob Blackburn and Rollie Truitt when I was a kid in the 1950's and lived in Portland. Great broadcasting team that brought the game to life on the radio.

Brought the game to life is right. The away games were all created in the studio using sound effects.

I remember when my best friend Bobby noticed that about every eight minutes you could distinctly hear a hot dog vendor in the crowd pitching "Red Hots." It ruined the illusion for all the neighborhood kids back in the day when baseball was a real thing.

I hardly ever sat in the bleachers. after thanking my "Dad" who let me walk in with him via my player picture button from Langendorf bread which got me in free with an adult, I high tailed it down to the fence right behind home plate right or left of the broadcast booth. listening to Bob and Rollie most of the game, once in a while mosying to the dugout or bull pen, scoring a few autographs. The Beavers were like Gods to this kid, particularly the power hitters, the ones who could slam the ball over the center field wall onto 18th. They had some great managers too. Thanks for the great reminders, Dave, keep them coming!!

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