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January 20, 2018


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RFK wasn't and never would have been JFK. He was lionized as the younger brother but he couldn't hold a candle to President Kennedy.

Kennedy or Nixon? Imagine how different things would have been.

joel, BS

C'mon Gent, tell us how RFK was even close to JFK. Bobby would have been nowhere without Jack to prop him up.

I firmly believed in him, got a chance to hear him talk when I was
enrolled at PSC. I see him as the Kennedy's Moral Compass. Deeply Religious and kind.

so joel, moral compass has no meaning to you. RFK became the patriarch of the Kennedy family. he cared for his brothers children as his own, so stuff it, you arrogant prick

joel this is the last time i will address any of your snarky comments regarding the Kennedy family. Bobby Kennedy became the patriarch after his brothers demise. he was caring and respectful
extremely religious and reached out to care about his brothers children. he would have been as much a potus as you say his brother was, maybe better.

I would love to have seen JFK have two terms in office, eventually followed by RFK. I dont see Teddy in, his past took too much of a toll on his image, I doubt whether he wouldve been nominated. We still have Carolyn...

Just a little triggered there Gent?

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