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January 29, 2018


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We must have had the same clerk. It has gone beyond downhill.

I have never encountered a "apathetic frowny cashier," at WF's. Hmmm...perhaps thkey were having a rough day. It does happen on occasion.

Really like Market of Choice.

I have been a regular New Seasons shopper for several years now, first a the old Kienows store in Raleigh Hills, then the new and larger store at Beaverton Mall, and now at the even larger store in Progress Ridge. Always a friendly and helpful staff, one of the best butcher departments, and mostly reasonable prices ( I've found some higher at Thriftway).

I shopped WF once, and was far from pleased. I love Williams Ave New Seasons, as well as Arbor Lodge, and Concordia. The meats are pricey, but well worth it, the counter people there are very friendly and helpful, bakery divine, I can walk in and swear I gsined 5lb just for being.

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