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February 13, 2018


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Really sorry to see you go Joe. You're the best in Portland! Wish we could make it a two-fer by sending along Jeff Gianola.

It is a shame that this announcement has to come while KGW
local news is off because of the NBC Olympic coverage. Joe has been a solid member of the local team for years and is such a nice guy if you've ever had a chance to meet him in person. Those mid-west ties must run deep--who would want to move to Chicago? Had to be the dollars!
What's next, Tracy and Laurel retire and let their second string take over? Not too strong! Bring back Stephanie Strickland or go get Anna Canzano. . . . .Best of luck, Joe.
Mr. Duck

Joe is a smart man and knows when to bail from the Ocho and libtard PDX.
If they could also send 80 y/o Laurel Porter, the bumbling Tracy and that idiot teenage olympic reporter packing.....

ummmm nancy according to kgw laurel porter is 52????

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