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February 21, 2018


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He is a shill for the left and media.

fake as a three dollar bill!

somehow he has been at the last two school shootings 100s of miles apart??? how can this be?

Really clever lance, trying to post under a woman's name so that we wouldn't recognize you. Your problem is that you can't disguise your filthy lying BS. Just go back to posting under lance (which likely also isn't your real name) and we'll continue to deride your BS as what it is.

Fk the trolls.

Loser little boy you are Joel. You and Trump would do well together with your treatment of women.

john, you can't prove that and you know you can't prove it since it isn't even close to being true.

You Cultists are going way out of your way on this one. You clowns are clearly getting really worried. Whatsa matter? Is Mueller getting too close?

John, of all posters on stumps blog you would be the first to accept a 3 dollar bill

no ug even after 8 years of Obama I still know that 3 dollar bills are fake!

LMAO !!!! As I am enjoying the winter at my Palm Desert winter home. I thought I would look in to see if Joel and his BFF UrbanStank are still making fools of themselves.... Even worse... These two are attacking women posters now.

Good job lance, you actually posted as "yourself" instead of under the Duncy name. You know, you haven't posted any of your bullshit for several days as Fkedup40...better be getting that name up too. That way, you'll actually believe that you're fooling people into thinking that there are several people as off the rails as you've shown yourself to be.

Oh, and by the way, a tent in some homeless encampment is not Palm Desert. Quit deluding yourself, imbecile.

Dave are you going to allow this asshole Joel Miller to degrade women on this blog?

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