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February 02, 2018


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Where was this, please? Im guessing restaurant off a highway?

It's a supermarket in Milwaukie in 1960. 42nd and King Road.

Dieringers Garden and Patio was located on SE King Rd. between 42nd & 43rd in Milwaukie Oregon. The property was redeveloped and is now occupied by a Safeway store.

Looks like the Tigard Chevy dealership before Ron Tonkin made it "Out Barbur Way." It's on the corner of Hall Blvd. and Highway 99W.

King Road is correct. They also had a store on Woodstock in South East. Real nice family.

Well, that's what I get for hanging around on the west side. I still think it looks pretty much like the auto dealer -- now a used car emporium -- at Hall and Barbur, but I do remember the Deringers name in the grocery business.

Joel can't you just be silent when proved incorrect?

Joel: West side Pettzonovante

actually Stumpy, our family was shopping at Dieringers market on 45th and Woodstock in the 50's which was probably their first store. now a Safeway. The King Road followed in the 60's and was at a T which made for great access. the photo was probably a rally of tricked outs clubs, which certainly fooled Westside Joel, LOL

No Fked40, I admit it when I'm wrong. You should cherish it since I'm wrong so rarely.

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