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February 13, 2018


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The Donnie calls that dinner.

I must say, Stumpy, that BHO`s picture is done quite well. His wife's....not so much. I sure miss that man!

So if those burgers represent something soon to be eaten by Trump, does that mean Obama's plants some new kind of drug he'll be smoking or snorting?

It is fun to watch libturds like Joel get breathless over posts like this. 7 more years buddy boy!!

And fkedup40 is wrong again. I'm far from a liberal, as posters here such as Urban Gent will tell you. I was, in fact, a professional Republican for more than 20 years and a registered Republican for another 20 plus years before that. I quit being a Republican the morning after the GOP was dumb enough to nominate the dotard.

Of course, you truly show how stupid you are when you contend that Dumb Donnie will be around for another seven years. I'll tell you right now that he won't even finish out his first four years. He'll either be impeached or die from high cholesterol.

Trump is a criminal who comes from a long line of criminals. His grandfather was a whoremonger here in the PNW and in the Yukon. His father was caught defrauding the government on housing loans. And Donnie, of course, is legend as a criminal, Trump University being his most recent caper. The big question is why gullible loons like you believe a word the lying POS says.

why does he have five fingers on his left hand? but no thumb????

Trump has been on the wrong side of all laws all his life. Crooked lawyers at a high expense have kept him out of prison. Donald Trump has taken bankers, investment companies, painters, carpet layers, roofers, glass installers, furniture companies, interior designers, friends and of course his thousands of students in Trump University. Trump has paid off people for their silence and I will bet any Trump voters that he will be charged with witness tampering in the Mueller case. I would rather have Al Capone in The White House, he liked animals, gave to charity and was a sucker for kids in trouble. I don't blame Americans for voting TRUMP, I get it about Clinton and her baggage, I blame those idiots for still believing in this creep.

Is it possible for this Joel character to have a civil conversation with people?

Fuctup40 Fan, joel is not a liberal like he says. but he is 1000 times smarter than you and usually has a plethora of facts to back up his posts, of which yours are null and void, dumbass.

"If they could also send 80 y/o Laurel Porter, the bumbling Tracy and that idiot teenage olympic reporter packing.....

Posted by: Nancy | February 15, 2018 at 08:44 AM"

And you're going to criticize me of not being civil? Good joke, Duncy.

where is his thumb on his left hand??? strange!

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