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February 19, 2018


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Racist democrats...

Hey, Nancy pants, I'm not buying this, most women who post on this blog are thoughtful, educated, and contribute to the subject matter whether conservative or liberal. so far your comments indicate a male attitude, rage, prejudice, aggression, and misogyny. Cases in point: Jann J, porn mom of LO, Cindy, and a lot more. they post positive and sometimes funny contributions. you don't. GFYS.

Gee Duncy, is that you making nasty statements again? I thought you were so high-minded that you never made negative comments on Stumptown.

that's so he could call him/her self nancy joel

Do you talk to your wife or daughter that way?

That's the way that losers who post under phony names are treated Duncy. Especially when they are known by other names as loons. Especially when they post a bunch of lying, trolling BS.

Pathetic loser little boys you two are. It's obvious that you treat women like Trumpster does.

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