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March 27, 2018


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I knew him from classes at PCC by PSU. He was the afternoon DJ across the street from KISN on 10th/Burnside. I think he left for Hollywood and Arsenio Hall.
Joel...you remember this gent?

Burton worked at Kisn 7-12 midnight after KGAR. He was the announcer that did the famous nightly opener for Arsenio. Burton also was the announcer on many game shows and movie trailers. One of the nicest people in broadcasting and a real talent.

BMR may be the only DJ to go to work for KISN from another station and be allowed to keep his air name. AJ Harold came from KGAR and became Bobby Noonan on KISN, Brant Miller from KPAM became Charlie Bronson on KISN. But BMR stayed BMR.

I remember once in the KISN lobby. I was headed out to lunch with Brant and BMR came in. We were standing next to the photos of all the KISN jocks next to the front door. He pointed at Pattee's picture and said when people found out he was a KISN jock, they'd ask if he was Pat Pattee.

No one knew that the jock they listened to evenings who sounded as white as the driven snow was a black guy.

Thanks Stumpy. I`d forgotten he was at KISN. You know what happened to him? Still in LA?

Was the only African American to work at Kisn on air

Joel: "No one knew that the jock they listened to evenings who sounded as white as the driven snow was a black guy." Really? Joel, you disappoint me.

You missed the point, Gent.

Joel is not a racist. His comments are true and Burton knew this as well


I still recall laying in bed at night, transistor buried next to my ear, listening to KISN.. KGAR...

Wow, Jann! You must have had an early bedtime. Even in the summer, KGAR had to sign-off at nine p.m. In the dead of winter, it was 4:30 in the afternoon.

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