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March 11, 2018


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Steve Fisher, the CEO of Novelis, Inc., an Atlanta based company that is the leading manufacturer of rolled aluminum says, Ross' contention that Trump's tariffs would amount to less than a one cent per can increase in the cost of soup or soda is the result of bad math.

“You can see it in many examples and you can play it down by a single can and make it sound insignificant,” Fisher told Bloomberg. “But when you do the math, about 88 billion cans, 17 million vehicles and all the steel and aluminum used across applications, it’s significant inflation.”

Research firm Harbor Intelligence is estimating that as many as 90,000 US jobs will be lost due to the tariff on aluminum alone. So much for that penny a can fable.

Good for Wilbur!

Of course, you'd favor Ross, Duncy, er, lance. It's only dyed in the wool Tranpanzees who do.

Joel are you mentally ill? Get help please.

Rather dull response, lance.

Joel, it is obvious that you are a very paranoid man. Please get the mental help you need. I will pray for you.

Humor, huh lance?

Praying for you Joel.

Think its a hopeless cause, Nancy.

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