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March 17, 2018


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The citizens of Multnomah County and the city of Portland are a perfect example.

How about the people of the United States Fkedup 40? Oh, that's right, the people didn't elect Trump, the people elected Hillary, Dumb Donnie was elected by the Electoral College.

Agreed. George may have been crude, crass, vile, whatever, the man had his finger on what was going on!!

Joel, I know along with everyone else except for your BFF UrbanTwit that you are clueless...

Nice try lance, but as usual, you fail.

HAHAHAHA !! Joel is so paranoid. He thinks everyone is this person named Lance. This Lance dude must have really got into Joels head for joel to be so paranoid.

And another fail for lance. Your Duncy character is so much better.

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