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April 12, 2018


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Fifth & Clay, Fourth & Clay, somewhere around there. And look at that old cop three-wheeler sitting right out front. I'd forgotten about them.

Became the Post Office

If this is Francis Ford, I believe it was on the corner of Grand Avenue and Hawthorne

Sure was. Address was 1505 SW 6th Ave. Looking at the cars, I'd say this picture is from the mid-50's. In the 60's, this was a Lincoln-Mercury dealership owned by Dick Niles.

This photo is Francis Lincoln Mercury (1505 SW 6th) which later became Dick Niles Lincoln Mercury. Francis Ford was located at the corner of SE Grand & SE Hawthorne, which was now the Multnomah County building.

Dick Niles purchased the Francis Lincoln Mercury dealership on 7/31/59. Prior to the sale Francis had both Ford & Lincoln Mercury dealerships.

Dave James is correct - SW 6th. That's the (former) Oregonian Building in the background. I remember this being a car dealership in the late 70's and afterward the University Station post office.

Okay, it was at 6th and Clay. It was Francis Ford for years and then when Francis moved to Grand Avenue, the building was taken over by Dick Niles Lincoln-Mercury. Then it became a Post Office and then it was torn down. As far as I know -- having not been down there in years -- it is still a vacant lot.

Those are Mercurys out in front . They look like 1956s

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