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May 30, 2018


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Ate them for years....the best garlic dill....cannot
find them anywhere. Any ideas as to where ?

when I was at PSC in 59 I would walk down the street to Mrs Neusihan's pickle shop and pick out a humongous juicy beauty from one of the several barrels in front, and then stroll right next door to Mr Mossmans Bagel shop for his "just cant eat just one" Bagels those were great Portland days.

For you Mrs. Neusihins lovers, it looks like you're going to have to just want. According to the web, the brand is no longer being marketed. The label was sold years ago and the brand was still available although the pickles were not made using the original Portland recipe.

Here's a Facebook group for you...

Nothing has been posted to the website in almost a year. There's a recipe there for those who are adventurous enough to conjure up a batch at home.

that looks like a cucumber!

John, once a cucumber becomes a pickle it is no longer a cucumber, it is a pickle. Can a raison ever become a grape again??
Deep Thoughts from UG

I much prefer my pickles to come out of a jar rather than as a silly team baseball nickname. And that's from a serious baseball fan, too. Go Portland Diamond project!

Joel.... It must be exhausting to be negative 24/7/365...

Would you care to state just where I was being "negative" Phony 45 Fan? Or are you just proving again your aversion to facts? Of course you are. You're a Trump Cult 45 Charter member and hating facts is the number one requirement for membership.

curojo...What's with the Portland Diamond Project. It seems to have erupted out of nowhere.

Are they proposing that this hypothetical team be named the Diamonds? That would be confusing with the Arizona Diamondbacks and has no relevance to Portland at all. I think if it happens the team should resurrect the old Portland Beavers name. Or, they could move it to Beaverton and be the Beaverton Beavers...that'd be kind of humorous...of course, the high school might object.

It would be kind of nifty to build the new ballpark on the NW Portland ESCO property, which was the site of the legendary Vaughn Street Park. Public transportation to the site would be a problem though.

Based on population, Portland should be a major league city. Portland Metro is larger than Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Cleveland, or Milwaukee. The question is, would MLB be popular enough in Portland to survive. Looking back at the Triple-A Beavers, the answer is no.

ug, my point was its way to big to be a pickle! big fat cucumbers make big soggy pickles!

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