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June 17, 2018


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I'm told the parents knew this was going to happen.

Allen: Do parents from EL SALVIDOR Have Apple cell phones or mobile TVs? They traveled 2,000 fucking miles to get their kids out of that killing machine, rape central country. What would you do? Love the Bible touting Trump regime who thinks family is #1 but will rip infants from mothers arms. You are a prime example of the unread and clueless America..

Allen, it's too bad that you were lied to...even worse that you chose to believe the lies.

Obama did the same thing... Where was the outrage? Such short selective memories the Left has....

Fkd up 40fan. Dufus, the Obama administration kept the families together dumb shit. I hope you didn't father any children. I would be praying for their welfare you ignoramus asshole.

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