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June 28, 2018


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OMG This is so sad.....

It was one quick go 'round. I remember when it came to Portland less than 40 years ago and there was a two-hour wait to get in the front door. Now, crickets.

I love shopping online, but you do have to wonder what it will be like when our main streets are lined with empty shops. Where will we go to see the products we buy online? Will Amazon have huge showrooms where people can actually handle and feel the products they use their smartphones to purchase? How are we going to work out the whole size conundrum?

So sad for GEOFFREY. That store was fun to just window shop for kids and us wanna-be-a-kid again! Times have and are changing. Not always for the better I may add.

Amazon was a big issue. They control 43% of web sales now. The other problem was Mitt Romney's old firm, Bain Capital who raided the cash out of Toys R Us, just like they did to Clear Channel Broadcasters.

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