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June 15, 2018


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hey thanks mr. stump! just before my time, but I found one on e-bay at a fair price. cue the haters in 3,2,1 do you think people will want timbers programs 70 years from now? lol!

I've been waiting for john to weigh in on all of the talk about bringing MLB to Portland. Would the bigs be desirable, or is john just longing for the old days of the Triple-A Bevos?

I was at a little league game a while back. I asked a Dad if he played on the field (that his son was playing on)..he said "|No, I played soccer, never baseball.
It hit he in a strange way. Very commie to me

Give it a rest joel... John likes the Bevos. Stop being a douche nozzle of a cyber bully. Loser....

Pretty obvious why John didn't post any opinion about bringing MLB to Portland because he knew he'd hear the rantings from Joel!

The buzz I'm hearing down here in Arizona is that Portland is a leading candidate for either a club to re-locate, or an expansion team. And the main reason is the local group leading the charge is currently number one on the list of organized proposals, compared to the other cities. Critics can please sit down; this local effort is being taken very seriously by MLB...

Suzanne and Fked-up 45 Fan...you both are completely full of crap. In fact, as I've written right here on Dave's blog, I think it'd be pretty damned swell if Portland got an MLB team. But you pukes are so intent on acting like loons that you can't even read the positive comments I've posted. It has to hurt to be so goddamned stupid.

Phony 45 Fan, it's you who needs to give it a rest and quit being such a negative puke. Suzanne, yep it's pretty obvious that you are an imbecile.

Suzanne pretty much sums it up, im sure by now most people have realized that I no longer bother to respond to anything he posts! its not worth the hassle!

Joel, I was NOT referring to your criticism about MLB, but to your name calling and criticizing of John's previous post, just like you just did to me. I have my opinions and you have yours, but I do call others names and keep my thoughts of negativity to myself.

john, I really don't give a flying fig if you respond to me or not. I just would be interested in seeing your thoughts about MLB coming to Portland since you are possibly the leading proponent of baseball on this blog

It is interesting that you have posted nothing about it. I'm thinking that you're more interested in bringing back the Beavers to Civic Stadium.

I think it's a pretty neat idea and since there are several major league cities that are smaller than Portland, it's long overdue.

But, if you want to side with the Negative Noras, Suzanne and Phony 45 Fan, that's your business. You may be as big an @sshole as you want.

I call 'em as I see 'em. Knock off all of your negativity and you won't be acting like a loon.

You haven't been around this site long enough to know how much whining john has done about the late, lamented Beavers. He even tried to claim that Beaver crowds had numbered in the thousands. The fact is, as I've pointed out before, is that the Beavers hadn't been a draw in years

Anyone with any reasoning ability understands that the Beavers left Portland because they were drawing 700 to 900 per game and that was by giving away a bunch of tickets. They couldn't even attract a concessionaire because the crowds were so small.

As for john, I presented the facts and he took it as insults. I never started calling him anything until he started whining about being called out on it and calling me names.

That's the history. If you want to take john's side and call me names, you'll get better than you give. If you want to be civil, then you'll get civil, you might even get better than civil. Check it out, the only people I call names are people who deserve to be called names.

for the record I have never called anyone on this board names! go ahead, look it up in the archives! yes I disagree on things here, but as I said I am an adult about it! no need for name calling!

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