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June 25, 2018


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Hold it! Trump said Harley-Davidson was one of his largest success stories, that under his economy the company was doing astonishingly well. Now Harley announces it's moving much of its manufacturing out of the US?

Do you suppose that could be why Trumpturds are becoming former Trumpturds and are saying how tired they are of politicians who promise them the Earth and that turns out to mean they'll pitch them some dirt? At least these Trumpturds are now former Trumpturds who have had their come to jesus moments.

Harley Davidson announced the closure of the Kansas City plant months ago with the intended opening of an overseas plan in Asia for foreign market production. HD has seen a steady decline in their US sales over the last several years mainly with the sportster models that are produced in KC.
Harley’s demographic in the US is shrinking and their best hope for survival is to push for increased foreign sales

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