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June 06, 2018


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when men were men and knew which bathroom to use! God help us if we had to ever do this again!

When men were men and didn't let those pesky bone spurs stop them.

When I visited England our host drove us to the beach where the allies practiced the D Day landings. Ironically, 1500 lives were lost just in practice alone!!

Still waiting for your facts joel.....

as a follow-up, there is a medieval pub right near the beach and the memorial plaque in honor of the losses there. the doorways are all less than 30 in wide and no more than 5'5" tall!! Talk about taking a step back in time!!! GB is still our staunchest Ally in spite of the criminal mob boss occupying the Peoples House. what a disaster this Prick is and his deplorable followers!

Phony 45 Fan...Thanks for the troll.

To the Dufus who posts his rantings on Stumpy's blog: The Dufus in the White House LOOOOOOOOVES Asbestos!


and Crooked POS Scott Pruitt

UrbanGent perhaps the incident you are referring to is "Exercise Tiger" at Slapton Sands Devon England, which resulted in the death on nearly 800 Americans.

That's a good one Gent. Hopefully, he has been breathing a lot of asbestos.

D Gibson....Yes Plus another 700 or so Brit and other Allied troops!
It was a monumental effort, a moral collusion of the willing.

Still waiting on facts from joel and urbantwit....

Hey Gent! Are you fact impaired? I'm not. But there's this pathetic little fly that keeps buzzing around making its pathetic little noises. I'd swat it but then it wouldn't be able to eat piles of dog crap.

joel...are you sure it wasn't a cockroach.

It's a pest, that's for darn sure. A fly? A cockroach? Does it really matter? Either is totally worthless.

Why wont joel and UrbanTerd post their facts about the best President since Reagan???

Sure 45 Fan, there are many of them.

1. Trump is unable to admit to his screwups. He even admitted it in his post-Singapore news conference when he said "“Honestly, I think he’s going to do these things. I may be wrong; I mean, I may stand before you in six months and say, ‘Hey, I was wrong,’ I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that, but I’ll find some kind of an excuse.” FACT.

2. He's a racist, you need look no further than the case of the Central Park five, four blacks and a Latino who were convicted and then exonerated years later for the rape of a white woman jogging in Central Park. Trump called for the death penalty for the five and even continued to protest that they were guilty after they were cleared of the crime by DNA evidence. Oh, and don't try to say that was years ago, he doubled down on it during the election. FACT.

3. Spanky is completely incapable of bipartisanship. Even if the opposition refused his outstretched palm, he could say that he tried...but he hasn't. FACT.

4. He has spent weeks away from the office in his various resorts and on the golf course despite having criticized Obama for spending too much time on the golf course. In his first year, Trump spent more time golfing that Obama spent in four years. In other words, Trump is again caught in a lie. FACT.

5. Speaking of lies, more than 3000 told in his first year in office...some lies told multiple times even though they had been debunked and shown to be filthy lies. And this says nothing of the many lies he told you in the campaign. FACT.

Do you need more 45 Fan? These just scratch the surface. I can give you many, many, many more facts, but I'm guessing you don't want to hear them.

It is entertaining to watch libturds like joel, urbanturd and lil'stumpy, lose their minds over President Trumps successes. It's going to be a loooonnnnggg 6 years for your ilk....

To Stumptown's resident vulgarian Dufus: you misspelled turd, dumbass

Actually UrbanTerd... I use that spelling to skirt the censors at the libtard infested O-Live site... Habit... Sorry about that UrbanTURD.

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