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June 18, 2018


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Why are so many people trying to bust into our "Racist, Sexist, Xenophobic, Bigoted, Homophobic" country?

These photos were taken during the Obama administration, but they paint a sad picture just the same. A picture of parents that care so much for their own gain and so little for their children that they would risk breaking the laws of the United States and the loss of their children.

This is not a picture of bad immigration policy, it is what happens when anyone breaks the law in the United States. If you and your wife are caught selling Methamphetamine, you are going to be separated from your children.

We are a nation of laws.

Because Erik, despite all of the problems facing America, it's still the greatest country on Earth...at least it was until Trump got ahold of it and started fking it up. Despite that, America is still much greater than what they're coming from.

You know, it's about time that Macron demanded the return of the Statue of Liberty. Liberty doesn't apply any longer in Trump's America.

This is such a stain on our country. Not only were the kids taken from parents, the kids were split from siblings. These families traveled 2,000 miles from the worst conditions on earth.
FYI; Obama kept the families under one roof being vetted. They were not removed from parents.

Welcome to the WHITE Peoples Republic of America.

Mexico (and central and South America) need to get their houses in order so their people are not fleeing their counties. I don’t understand why President Trump doesn’t go to the leaders of these countries and demand change.
I do hope this media campaign will dissuade migrants from makining this very dangerous journey with their kids.

The parents took a gamble when they entered...it is their fault naturally.

Their fault? Due to Trump controlling your Tv 📺 set, you haven’t seen what El Salvador looks like. It’s more dangerous than beautiful downtown Syria. If you are a female 13 plus your chances of rape or gang rape is 70%. There’s a killing every 30 mins. It’s total hell.

Porn Mom...Trump doesn't go to the leaders of the Central American countries and demand that they fix the situation because he isn't competent to talk to other than tinhorns like Kim and Pootie.

Mr Stump, so many places on this Earth are total hell. And their citizens all want to come here. How many? Possibly billions. How many shall we take...aren't we morally obligated to take them all? We don't have the resources, space, or money to accommodate the multitudes. The POPULATION EXPLOSION has nearly doubled U.S. population in the past 50 years, and we're projected to reach 420 million 40 years from now. Imagine...100 million more people crammed into our space! What about the effect on SUSTAINABILITY...our carbon footprint, waste disposal, water shortages, traffic congestion, housing shortages, disappearing farmland...

Stumps and others crocodile tears are laughable....

It's a shame this country can't decide on immigration reform. This goes back many moons now....My point is, You do NOT pull kids from parents arms, you do NOT separate siblings. No matter what that lying pig tells you, NO it is not a law. He is holding kids hostage to get his wall that he GUARANTEED you that MEXICO would pay. I have land to sell you also in downtown Syria.

Eric Olson..that dog doesn't hunt, and word salad like that doesn't solve the immediate problem. Obama deported thousands but sent back whole families. these children are suffering child abuse courtesy of the Dufus occupying the WH and Dufus AG.

I agree with Urban Gent and Raoul. We can easily accommodate another 3 billion in this country by building up. The Willamette valley alone could accommodate 20 million. It will be affectionately be dubbed the concrete forest. There's nothing in the bible that says humans should touch terra firma at some time. The national forests and blm lands should be eliminated and opened to immigration homesteading. Outdated hobbies like hiking camping and sighseeing could be eliminated. Anyone travelling to Asia knows that national forest lands can be terraced and intensively farmed. With 20 million in the Eugene to Portland corridor it will be easy to support at least 4 U of O football teams. Imagine,fans will be able to watch Oregon football 4 times a week.When we have 3-4 billion, people with any space in their yards will be expected to support 2 or 3 families in micro homes. I say let's do it. That's what Americans want and that's what will happen.

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