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August 10, 2018


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25 years later, still sleeping on the job! please retire!

Better yet, a couple of Republicans are pulled away from the caucus and vote against Kavanaugh. Show Trump that he can't have his way anytime he wants it, that he'll have to nominate decent justices. No nominations of people he knows will vote to give him a pass on the Mueller probe.

That done, Ginsburg can retire if that's what she wants without fear that Trump will nominate some RWNJ asswipe to the court.

No president under investigation by a legally appointed special prosecutor should ever be allowed to make judicial nominations or federal appointments. Yes, I know it might result in lengthy back-ups until the investigation is complete and results issued, but it's that important, folks. Besides, nothing constructive is going to get done with this Apprentice anyway.

Poor john, another wounded Trumpturd.

By the way, RBG was quite the handsome woman.

Always fun to see the libs and progs pissing and moaning over their loss of the welfare utopia they so desperately need... MAGA 2020 !!

I do love it when the RWNJs prove how dumb they are.

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