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August 10, 2018


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nice, back when Portland had Americas pastime instead of boring foreign soccer!

For the Timbers, every game is a sellout for boring foreign soccer. When was the last time the Beavers sold out Civic Stadium?

Oops. john will be calling the facts "hate speech" before you know it.

Not only are The Timbers a massive success, women’s soccer sells out every game. The fans are contagious with energy and vigor. Last time I was at a Beaver game, 500 tops and 500 in that stadium looks like 50 from the stands. Don’t Argue with proven success. If Paulson had another 12,000 seats, they would be instantly filled.

I don't care what anyone says, I cannot watch something that ends in a tie game! and sometimes a scoreless tie game! how boring! nevermind the fact its not even an American sport!

Josie, last beaver game I was at had 16,000+

I am so tired of the bashing, bickering, call it what you will, between Joel and John. True, what Joel and Josie are saying.....Soccer is popular world wide and true Paulson sells out his stadium every game and Josie is also correct when she says another 12,000 seats would sell as well.

All john is saying and has ever said is he misses the Beavers.....and hates Soccer. Not everybody likes Soccer and he longs for the "old days" when he and others could go to the ball park and watch a good ball game between usually two good, competitive teams and more times than not, the Beavers would win. Over the years many good players played for the Beavers as they worked their way up to the Majors. I hope like crazy that Mike Barrett and his associates can actually pull it off.....someday. I for one would buy a season ticket somewhere along the third base side and once again be happy like john to have OUR favorite sport back in Portland. Some talk has the Oakland Athletics moving from Oakland to Portland and if the Major League season were to end today, the Oakland A's WOULD BE IN THE POST SEASON PLAYOFFS! We can only hope.....right john!

hello joe cook, if you have noticed I dont respond to joels rants against the Portland beavers! so don't blame me sir, I have no hate on this board as I have said many times! almost a whole year now! but I understand he is just another liberal melting snowflake that must have his way no matter what! I will enjoy hearing how upset he will be when the American voter re-elects president trump in 2020!

Joe Cook...the thing is that john has never, once, said anything about the prospect of bringing MLB to Portland. He only longs for the minor league Beavers. In retrospect, he has said little about the Mavericks or the other Class A club -- the Rockies -- that played several seasons in Portland. He wants his Beavers back and playing in Civic Stadium.

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