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August 28, 2018


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I had to travel to the midwest and south for business this past week. It was refreshing to be away from the libtard center of the universe known as Portland... You libtards need to realize that the Trump support is very strong outside of your little bubble and fantasy world you live in....

Just when you think donnie can`t get more deranged....this...wow

Too bad you didn't stay there F40

With only 33% of Americans supporting Trump and his policies, I wouldn't say support for Trump is "very strong."

How you still defend him? After 4,200 documented lies, cheating, scandals and cover ups.

Only the top 1% of Americans are actually benefitting from the stuff he's done.

Sorry Dotard, but the old tricks aren't working anymore. Nobody's buying your deflection bullshit any longer. The Google story was at best of only passing interest today and it'll be over with by tomorrow. Have you noticed that McCain is still the biggest story going.

Oh oh. It turns out that Trump was parroting a story from PJ Media -- a well known right-wing nut-job website. And to get the result (That 96 percent of returns are from liberal sources) the highly scientific method of typing in the search term "Trump News" was used.

So, there you have it. Trump typically gets his information from debunked and discredited websites and parrots it as if he was quoting facts. He's a freaking loon.

what are you poor people going to do when America re- elects president trump for 4 more years????

No one is buying into your fantasies, john.

No one is buy your libturd fantasies lil joel....

Hey Joel remember when they said He would never even get the nomination? #fantasies

Sorry, pinkie but I thought he was going to get the nomination from the fall of 2015. I do remember when they said he'd lose the election and that he did. Too bad that we have this stupid this thing called the Electoral College because the stupid jerkoff won that.

joel is clueless to the Founding Fathers foresight and brilliance when it comes to the Electoral College.... The EC did exactly what it was intended to do....

ok, the libtard bs needs to quit. We could say leftovers, RePUKlicants, etc, etc, but it puts us in twisted nappies along with the ever infantile f40, pinkie,and john.... those Ive met have too many better things going. regarding the media crap, Cheetolardass is attempting to control what is printed, true dictatorship. Not gonna happen. Big Brother wont allow it. And bob, kudos, love it.

Phony 45 Fan is quite obviously history impaired because the EC hasn't done "exactly what it was intended to do" since the end of slavery in this country. Anyone who enjoys the results coming out of the EC likely would be happy if blacks -- and Hispanics too -- were still enslaved.

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