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August 26, 2018


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loved sayors, sadly its not what it once was, haven't been there for years, tried the 72 oz sirloin once took home a 40 ounce doggie bag! as cheap as I was I tried to eat all of it but ended up paying the 19,99

Eaten there since the 50`s. It was a big deal for us to go out to dinner then. Men in coats/ties. Women in dresses. Never had a bad meal there. Love their onion rings too.

Still a favorite. Have gone there for years. We used to have to wait for two hours on holidays...it is and still is worth it.

Never forgave them for selling off the Beaverton location. What stands there now is pure suburban strip mall blight.

Ranz...I think the Beaverton location was sold because it was never anything close to being the success that the Eastside location was. The two or three times I was there it was virtually empty. It may be that Westside tastes are differrent than Eastside tastes.

I never found their food to be anything special. In fact, it was rather pedestrian. Fried steaks never worked all that well for me.

At least theyre still around.. I mourn the end of Roses, as it was when great.

If lil joel deems that Sayler's is not good.... It must not be a good place to go.

f40, why you still listen to what he posts? if someone told him the sky was blue he wouldn't believe it! lol!

Fked up 45 Fan again demonstrates why he should be banned from Stumptown. I'm not talking about Dave's blog, I'm talking about the area of Oregon. In fact, the cretinous dipshit should be sent to the deepest woods where he can't get on the Internet or ever bother anyone ever again.

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