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September 21, 2018


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upscale????? huh! I love Lompoc!

Point made in Oregonian story is the upscale places are pushing out cool places like Lompoc

so, what is upscale? another starbucks?

I think over the next few years we may be seeing more local microbreweries closing as I think this trend is now overly saturated locally. A few business insiders I’ve spoken to also feel the microbrew trend, at least locally (in the northwest, has plateaued and are seriously considering getting out in the next few years. I’m actually surprised this industry has survived this long with all the different neighborhood breweries around. These days it seems so many things in our culture are ephemeral. Like fairy dust they blow away into history. Perhaps the same will happen with the new electric scooters around town. I think the same could apply to all the numerous local marijuana shops that have popped up since being legalized. Now that big corporations are getting into this industry it will be hard for the little guy with a shop to compete. I think we could see a real “weeding” out (pun intended) of local shops in the next few years.

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