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September 24, 2018


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Low ratings wasn`t it? CBS was 3rd in the evening news race. We know you don`t like Jeff Glor but Stumpy he is a step up from Scot.

It really isn't hard to understand, in a time when the network evening news broadcasts are in decline, the ratings for CBS were severely lagging ABC and NBC. At the same time, Pelley was demanding a huge increase in his salary.

Pelley was also spending more time away from the Evening News and devoting it to his other job on 60 minutes. Finally, Pelley's more stilted style British delivery wasn't seen as what the viewer's wanted.

Oh, and there was also some off-air politics going on that didn't work in Pelley's favor. Altogether, it just didn't make Pelley a smart choice as the primary anchor of the CBS Evening News.

Not a letter to boast about.... Now my personal letter from 43 on White House stationary is something to boast about. Its framed and sitting on my credenza in my office.

Fked up 45 Fan has apparently never heard of Auto-Pens. His "personal" letter came from the White House Office of Correspondence, where thousands of "personal" letters from the president on White House stationery (learn basic spelling skills 45 fan) are signed by Auto-Pen every day.

Poor Joel is jelly again.... Same letter sits next to a signed photo of me and 43 shaking hands.... Can't auto-pen that... Joel why is it that very few at K2 have anything nice to say about you? One would think someone would after 40 plus years of employment.

Would someone please tell Fkedup 45 Fan that I don't now, and never did, work at KATU...or if he meant the ski equipment manufacturer, them either. It's pretty well known who I am, you stupid lunatic. By everyone except you apparently.

That said, I had a whole bunch of those line-up style shots. You gather a lot of them in 30 years in politics. I tossed them years ago because they mean nothing.

Believe me, FkedUp, GW Bush has no idea of who you are and he never did. Oh, and the photo was also signed with an Auto-Pen, Bush never saw it. No one thinks much of those things, other than you rubes they were meant to fool.

Please notice, that the letter Dave got from Pelley was obviously handwritten. Yours was typed or printed, also by a machine, from a list, with no human intervention.

But, do please, keep getting off on such things. Politicians like Dotard count on your goobers.

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