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September 29, 2018


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The sad thing is that this guy doesn't seem to understand the problems with drinking to excess. Drinking is just something that people do and the question to Amy Klobuchar about whether she'd ever been drunk to the point of not remembering says, "Blackouts? No big deal there."

Ignoring that drinking to excess often results in memory loss says a whole lot. You sure can't trust Kavanaught when he says he never drank that much. How would he know?

I wonder what "stumpy" would do if he, his family, career were being destroyed in a very public fashion by unproven claims with zero evidence.... Be a man Dave and answer this question.

If Mr Stumpy was up for the highest court gig in the universe, and I was not guilty of such things, I would have said weeks ago, I want to walk into The Supreme Court with my head high, lets get this FBI investigation done asap so I can clear my good name. I also would NOT Have asked a Senator "What do you like to drink" or " Have you ever had a black out Senator? I would never have shown open bias about the Clintons and left rigged wing trying to take me down. Another note....I would never have taken loans to pay for box seats at baseball games. Blessings to you.

It is sad that they, the Democrats, already pronounced him guilty without hearing his side of the story. How far will they go to prevent him from being on the Supreme Court? Never in my life time would I ever expect to see such nastiness when it comes down to voting for or against a candidate for the Supreme Court. Sorry state of affairs.

Great response Dave.

And, you made the very cogent point that this clown, like Dotard, is fighting to block an investigation he keeps saying would clear him. Why are these mooks so afraid of investigations, especially investigations that (they say) would clear them of any wrongdoing?

45 Fan, as usual, posted a rambling, insult-filled rant that said absolutely nothing.

Go get em, Mr Stump!! Kudos on that reply!! When one drinks to excess, they havent much idea whether they blacked out or not. "No big deal there". Having grown up next door to raging alcoholics, and bartending or years, ... alcoholics tend to be very creative with their horsecrap.I see a strong resemblance here with Farting40...Once again, very nice response, Dave.

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