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October 27, 2018


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I remember when the Chrysler Turbine came to Portland. It sounded like a jet and everyone thought it was a hot looking, futuristic car. Now it looks like another of those silly __________ of the future things that never came true.

And clueless joel utters his usual "if i don't like it, no one should." It must be exhausting to have such a negative outlook on everything in life joel...

A negative bully-esc comment from joel in 3...2...1....

I liked it when it came out. And I still like it.
I never could figure out why this technology was not pursued. It certainly beats a V* with all those moving parts. A turbine has 1. These engines changed the aviation industry for the better and it probably would have done the same for the automotive industry. There had to be some underlying reason why Chrysler abandoned the project and then destroyed most of the cars that were built. Thank God there a a few survivors.

Not "bullyesc," just factual. 45 Fan is by far the dumbest piece of shit to ever post on Dave's blog. If I were as dumb as 45 Fan, I'd go out and find a cave and go as deep into it as possible...and stay there.

Here's some advice for you 45, it's an oldie but a goodie. "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen."

Funny how joel criticizes Trump for calling people names and then does the same himself.... Hypocrisy at its best... LMAO!!!

Do those tubes coming out the back have a function or are they just for looks?

Funny how 45 Fan loves it when his lord and savior Dumb Dotard calls people names then criticizes others for taking the same tack. You know 45 Fan, just like racism and hate, your hero has made name calling okay.

Stephen...As I understand it -- and I'm not an engine mechanic -- the tubes would have been where the heated air was exhausted after being sucked through the turbine engine.

I see a bit of Ford T-Bird in that design. Has this model ever shown up at The Grand Concourse? Such a cool event if you're in love with vintage & amazing buggys. I am looking for my dream car. 1967 convertible bug in cherry shape.

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