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November 09, 2018


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a great actress, too bad she advocated smoking, and did smoke in many of her movies, how she lived to be 83 is beyond me. r.i.p.

john...some people smoke all of their life and live into their 90s or beyond. Others die of the big C in their 40s. Some people who never smoked a day die of lung cancer. Life's a crapshoot...that's just the way it is.

Unfortunately, too true. Cancer is the most insidious, nasty, evil disease there is. It has an equal opportunity evil, I am a twenty year early stage cervical cancer survivor. my late husband beat lung, esophogeal got him.Dad,mom,mil, my best friend,two dogs, all gone to cancer. Thankfully, we have St Judes Children Research Hospital helping kids, my prayer is they find a cure soon for children with it..

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