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November 03, 2018


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the season finally? oh yeah that will be in January of 2025! enjoy!

All of the environmental laws Dotard has worked so hard to overturn were put in place by none other than Richard M. Nixon. So, Nixon -- who was considered the biggest crook ever in the White House -- passed the laws to clean up our environment. The same laws that the clown who replaced him as the biggest presidential crook ever is now undoing.

You start to get the idea that maybe we misjudged Nixon.

I can't wait to see the libtards meltdowns when the Republicans hold the lower chamber, make gains in the Senate and kate the accidental governor gets flushed down like a brown turd...

yeah and just like in 2016, it will be pure joy to see their faces when we re elect President Trump in 2020! the winning never gets old!

I doubt the people making favorable comments towards Trump will enjoy having health insurance cut, Medicaid slashed and I wouldn’t put it past them cutting social security. If you give a hoot about the future generations, I doubt you would wish fracking on millions of federal acres, More freedom for Dow Chemical and his pals from Monsanto to poison us. He’s egging Iran on for a war, so maybe look out for that as well.
Donald J. Trump could give a rats ass about you and your grand children.
Enjoying your fat middle class tax cut???? Another monumental lie

Would somebody please tell me who this guy Lindner is? I would like to know more about him and his back ground? Thank You.

I was alerted by my brother about his posts on Facebook. He’s a very creative writer covering the joy and agony of owning a local coffee truck to politics, family etc. The Oregonian should hire him as a columnist. You don’t have to agree with him on everything but appreciate how he paints pictures in words. I hear all the time, “I couldn’t read The NY Times” .... but I do along with Wall Street Journal. Reading the likes of Peggy Noonan and Frank Bruni are a joy for me. Wish I could write like them.

Mr. Lindner has a pure gift of being able to communicate clearly and concisely with his analysis of various topics. This is a great piece of writing about the future costs of the first 20 months of 45's presidency. May we all survive intact to January of 2021.

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