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November 14, 2018


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RBG is a perfect example of age limits for lifetime appointments. A conservative super majority will be the best thing ever for this Country!!! MAGA 2020!!

Good idea, 45istheworstpresidentever. Let's start with the current court. Their terms will all end and Trump's successor in January 2021 will name a new court. Since Trump's successor will be a D, the justices will have to be five Ds and four Rs.

Kavanaught and Gorsuch will be susceptible to impeachment anyway after the Ds take over everything in 2020. So, nice try Dotard, but it isn't going to stick.

I love joels comments... so accurate.Imo, we havent had anyone in DC since Obama left... And when the ell did the first whore get the power to choose someone not continuing to do their job? A woman booted to another position..WRONG!!! As was appointing relatives to do jobs they

have no idea what theyre doing,,, like the Orange Babboon

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