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December 07, 2018


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remember THIS, when you drive your hondas!

And how did Trump note the occasion? Not with a mention on his Twitter machine. Nope. Instead, he marked the occasion with a series of five unhinged Tweets in less than half-an-hour, first thing in the morning, whining again about how nasty Mueller is being for investigating his crimes.

But Trump will have much to remember December 7 for. This is the day that Mueller will release two sentencing memos, one regarding Trump's good buddy Paul Manafort and one regarding his personal lawyer Michael Cohn. More facts coming about the Trump/Russia collusion.

So about those sentencing joel.... Ol' Bobby Mueller has got nothing on Teflon Donald....

John...You stupid idiot.

Japan -- and Germany too -- are amongst our best allies (although Trump is surely trying to change that situation with Germany.) Don't you think the time has come to put aside your bigotry and xenophobia?

Besides, you loons are hating on immigrants from below the border, not from Japan. Even your hero, lord and savior, Dumb Dotard, is friendly with Japan's Abe.

45 Fan, you have not been paying attention. Mueller has dropped the evidence that Dotard is a felon...and that's a whole passel of something on Man Baby. You voted for a criminal and it's on you and your cohort now. You made a criminal POTUS.

That POTUS, in this case, obviously stands for Pile of S@&t, ugly sack. Hondas are good cars, most are, of any brand, provided you take care of them. Hyundai has been an exception, early days. But hey, great for the Orange one....

Joel... You truly are stupid. None of these ALLEGATIONS will come to fruition.

Stump... You are good with joel constantly cyber bullying John? You are are somewhat known in real life.

45 Fan @sshat...

If you (and john) don't want to be called out for being idiots, there are two very easy ways to stop it.

1. Quit being an idiot and making idiotic statements.
2. Quit coming to this website. You won't be missed.

its ok f40 fan, I pay it no mind, as I have become used to it! and don't play the game that's been going on here for years!

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