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December 08, 2018


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As judged by one of the worst wannabe Americans ever.

Lowest unemployment rate in decades... Best economy in decades... Clueless Welfare JannM is the wannabe.....

Really? Is rump's economy all that great? Let's examine the facts.

Is Trump's great economy trickling down to the middle-class? You know, the people that Trump claims to care most about? Well, not so you'd notice. There has been no spike in job growth and his vaunted tax plan has resulted in an average of seven to nine dollars per week added to middle-class paychecks. Adjusted for inflation, American wages aren't significantly higher than they were 40 years ago.

And that meager pay boost is being eaten up by Trump's inflation. Remember, the $4000 pay increase promised by Dotard? Where is it? Did you notice all of the Republicans who campaigned on the tax boost before the midterms? No? Neither did I.

Trump is also proposing legislation to takeaway time-and-a-half for overtime in several cases. More wage help for the middle-class.

Well, how about that stock market? Okay. 80 percent of the stock market is owned by the wealthiest ten percent of Americans. So, that hasn't really been a big boost to the middle-class.

Ford and GM have laid off thousands of middle-income workers thanks in large part to Trump's screwy tariffs. Midwest soybean farmers are also reeling from the loss of the Chinese soybean market -- which has gone elsewhere, like to Brazil -- again thanks to Trump tariffs.

Even Trump's soaring unemployment rate isn't so great on closer inspection. 20 percent of all "employed" workers today are contract employees. No bennies and no job seecurity. To make that even worse, the Trump Labor Department is telling American employers that they need to increase contract employment and reduce traditional employment.

That's enough...although there is much more. As it turns out, the only people crowing about Trump's economic achievements are Trumpturds.

The Trump middle class tax cut was the biggest conby an American President in modern times.

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